What Color Shirts Go Well With Khaki Pants?


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Many different colors of shirts go well with khaki pants, including other neutral colors and dark ones, like dark gray and navy blue. For women, a neutral top matched with a dark sweater works very well with khaki pants. For men, a dark sweater with a pinstripe shirt in a neutral blue is a good match.

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There are different colors of khakis and it is important to be able to match colors with each shade of khaki. The person should decide whether he or she would like to wear complementary colors or analogous colors. Complementary colors are the opposite of each other on the color wheel, while analogous colors are very similar. Both are acceptable with khakis.

Khaki pants can be dark brown, light or medium shade. A complementary color for dark khaki would be a very light or white shirt. An analogous color would be a nude brown. For lighter khakis, a dark shirt would be more on the complementary side, and a neutral beige would be analogous. A person can also contrast warm and cool colors, dress mono-chromatically or contrast colors. Because of the neutral shade of khaki pants, there are very few colors that would not work with the shade. Even a match of hot pink would not be in contrast.

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