What Color Shirt Should You Wear With a Blue Blazer?

Blue blazers can pair well with many different colors, including other shades of blue, yellow, orange, violet, green and white. However, suitable shirt colors depend on the shade and tone of the blazer as well as the occasion in question.

White is almost always a safe shirt color to pair with a blue blazer. White shirts go well with navy, royal blue, powder blue and many other shades. In a conservative environment such as an office, white shirts make an appropriate choice.

Fashion-forward men and women can experiment with other shirt colors. They can choose shirt colors based on a monochromatic color palette, similar color types or contrast their shirts and blazers with complementary colors.

Monochromatic color combinations usually work well in outfits. Monochromatic palettes involve different shades of the same color or colors that are similar to one another. For example, navy blazers can work with pastel blue, bluer shades of violet, teal and some shades of green.

Men and women can also pair blue blazers with shirts within the same color family. For example, if the blue of the blazer is a jewel tone, it can pair well with another jewel tone. If it is a pastel blue, it may look good with another pastel. Navy is a neutral, so it can work well with other neutral colors such as tan or khaki or pair with earthy tones such as green, rust or sand.

Complementary color palettes tend to be bold, but they can work very well. Complementary colors are the colors that are opposite one another on a color wheel. Depending on the tone of blue, shades of red, salmon, pink, orange or yellow can work well as complementary colors.