What Color Shirt Goes With Khaki Pants?

color-shirt-goes-khaki-pants Credit: Lasse Kristensen/Moment/Getty Images

Khaki colored pants are considered a neutral clothing item and go with just about every hue; however, the shade of khaki should be considered because some shades go better with certain colors. A darker shade of khaki that is almost brown goes well with green, yellow-green, light gray, orange and off-white.

A lighter tone of khaki that leans towards a mixture of white and tan coordinates well with plum, yellow-green, magenta, hot pink, orange, orange-red and brown.

Khakis that fall in the middle of being tan or brown look nice with gray-blue, dark blue, light blue, deep pink and olive green.

When someone is picking a color to go with khakis, it is important to also consider what shade best complements the person's hair, eyes and skin tone.