What Color Lipstick Should I Wear?


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A person should choose their lipstick color based on their personal likes, but even more importantly, based on their skin tones. Not every shade works with every skin tone; however, red can work with almost every skin tone depending on the shade chosen.

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What Color Lipstick Should I Wear?
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Fair complexions look best with bright red with a blue base. Cranberry and wine are good shades for fair complexions. Medium complexions work best with blackberry shades in the red family of lipstick. Dark complexions stand out with tangerine, maroon and raspberry reds, for those gearing towards red lipsticks.

For all other lipstick shades outside of the red family, makeup artist Rachael Brook has given advice for every skin tone. She suggests blue-based pink and red lipstick colors for those with very pale skin. For those with medium skin tones, Brook suggests nude shades, as well bright reds and pinks. Nude lip color for medium complexions is a good idea for those seeking a more understated lipstick shade.

For people with olive complexions, yellow-based colors like orange and poppy are recommended. Dark complexions, Brook has said, look best with darker lip colors like purple. Brook also said blue-based lipsticks work best for almost all skin colors.

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