What Color Lipstick Should Brunettes Wear?


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Brunettes tend to suit brighter shades of lipstick, such as orange or red. According to Marie Claire, wearing orange lipstick can bring out the chocolate tones in dark hair.

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What Color Lipstick Should Brunettes Wear?
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In addition to rouge and orange, brunettes can play with plum and brown-pink tones, according to Schwarzkopf. Avoiding light rose hues is advisable, as they can make dark hair seem less lively. Brunettes who have red tones in their hair can complement them using cinnamon or terracotta shades. When wearing bright lipstick, brunettes should consider using lip liner to seal it in. When matched with the same shade as the lip color, lip liner can prevent lipstick from moving across the face, resulting in a neat look that lasts throughout the day.

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