How Do You Color Hair With the Cap Technique?

To color hair with the cap technique, put the cap on over your regular hairstyle, pull out strands using the included hook, apply the color and rinse. Coloring hair with a cap takes approximately 30 minutes plus processing time and requires a cap, hook, dye or bleach, gloves, a color bowl and a color brush.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Your hair should be clean and dry. Brush the hair into a bob-like style with the bangs down and the sides tucked behind the ears.

  2. Put on the cap

    Pull the cap down over the hair, and secure the cap under the chin with the straps. The cap should be snug. Cover your shoulders with a towel.

  3. Pull out the strands

    Use the hook to pull strands of hair through the holes in the cap. Most caps include a pattern of circled and uncircled holes. For only a few highlights, pull hair through the circled holes only. For many highlights, pull through all the holes. Pull the hair directly under the cap by pushing the hook down at a 45-degree angle.

  4. Mix the product

    While wearing gloves, mix the bleach or dye according to the manufacturer's instructions. Never mix the product ahead of time because it processes in the bowl, meaning the product you apply will be weak.

  5. Apply the product

    Use a coloring brush to apply the product evenly on each strand. Work the product into the hair, but avoid pushing it into the holes in the cap.

  6. Process and rinse

    Process the color according to manufacturer's directions. Rinse with cool water with the cap still on. If using bleach, the hair may need to be toned with a semi-permanent color to get rid of brassiness. Do this over the cap. If using hair dye, remove the cap, shampoo and rinse.