How Do You Color Hair After Using L'Oreal Feria Dyes?

After using L'Oreal Feria dyes, hair can be colored by another permanent dye. If changing hair color entirely, wait four weeks between colorings to prevent hair damage. Root touch-ups between colorings are a good way to maintain color without causing damage.

  1. Changing hair color completely

    L'Oreal Feria dyes are permanent hair dyes that alter the hair color for the life of the hair. Although the color may change over time due to fading and water impurities, it is unlikely the hair will return to its original color. Permanent dyes include harsh chemicals and can damage hair if used too frequently. To avoid damage, wait four weeks between applying all over color. If a dramatic color change is desired, it is best to use a professional colorist to avoid damaging hair and to ensure the proper color result. In particular, lightening hair is a very delicate process.

  2. Dealing with roots

    If the problem is having roots that are a different tone than the body of the hair, a touch-up application is recommended. This allows the roots to blend in with less damage to the hair. Using a L'Oreal Feria product that matches the existing shade of hair, apply dye to only the roots and let sit for 15 minutes. Next, distribute the product throughout the hair, using additional dye if necessary. Let it develop for another 10 minutes before thoroughly rinsing and treating with a deep conditioner.

  3. Accelerating the time between complete color changes

    To color hair more frequently than every four weeks, keep hair in the best condition possible. Wash it only a few times per week and use deep conditioning treatments. It is less harsh to darken hair than to lighten it, so consider a darker color if a sudden change is wanted. Dying has a cumulative effect. Coloring infrequently leaves hair in better condition should the need arise to dye it several times within a shorter time frame.