How Do You Color Your Hair After Chemo?


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How you color your hair after chemotherapy depends on the amount of time that has elapsed from your last treatment. Because hair is more fragile during the first six months following chemo, it is best use henna or vegetable-based dyes rather than permanent or semi-permanent hair color.

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Permanent and semi-permanent hair color products contain strong chemicals that can damage post-chemo hair. Even vegetable or henna dyes should first be tested on a small section of hair before using them all over. Doing a skin sensitivity test following the manufacturer's direction is also recommended. Even with these tests, rinse off the hair color immediately if you have a reaction, such as soreness, redness, itching or any irritation. Because this kind of irritation is mostly likely to occur on the scalp, highlighting the hair using a foil technique can lessen the possibility of any negative reactions.

Hair regrowth can be very different from your pre-chemo hair. Hair may have a different texture or color, or it may be curly even though it was previously straight. All of these factors mean that your hair might not take to the color in the same way it did before chemotherapy. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced colorist helps you achieve the results you are seeking.

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