How Do You Color Gray Eyebrows?

color-gray-eyebrows Credit: Ryan McVay/The Image Bank/Getty Images

One way to color gray eyebrows is to fill them in with a brow marker that matches the natural pre-gray shade of the eyebrows. Another way to color gray eyebrows is to brush on a tinted brow gel that is slightly lighter than the non-gray hairs of the eyebrows.

Gray eyebrows can be dyed professionally at a salon or spa. At many beauty establishments, eyebrow dye jobs are offered free along with hair coloring services. One color that is generally recommended to dye gray eyebrows is light brown, as this color frames the eyes and sharpens facial features for a more youthful look.

Vegetable dye is the safest for dying gray brows. Also, the color for lasts up to six weeks. women with gray eyebrows shoulddye them in a shade that contains a hint of their natural, non-gray hair color.

TouchBack BrowMarker is a cosmetic specifically made for adding color to gray eyebrows. Paula Dorf Brow Tint is another good product for coloring gray eyebrows.

If the eyebrows have not gone entirely gray yet and there are just a few gray hairs, some people choose to deal with them by individually plucking them out. This is a good strategy for dealing with graying brows, as long as the plucking doesn't take too much shape or body away from the overall brow. Threading individual gray hairs out of the eyebrows is another way to deal with the issue.