What Color Is Garnet?

The majority of garnets are reddish in color, although they can also come in many different shades of orange, yellow, green, pink, black, brown and white. There are more than 10 different gemstones in the garnet group, and they can come in virtually every color except blue.

Some garnets are entirely colorless, while some huge multicolored specimens have also been found. These are typically white mixed with various shades of green or pink. There are also several very rare types of garnets, such as star garnets, which can only be found in Idaho and India.

Star garnets are typically either brown or black. They are prized for their unique properties: light reflects off them in a four- or six-sided star pattern. Some garnets appear to have different colors depending on the angles they are held at.

Due to their rich colors and hardness, garnets are prized gemstones often used in jewelry. Some of the rarest colors of garnets have been found in Africa, such as mandarine garnets from Namibia and Nigeria or green grossularite garnets found only in Mali. The majority of garnets on the market come from Africa, but India, Russia and South America are also major producers of it.