What Color Eyeliner Brings Out Hazel Eyes?


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Brown eyeliner enhances the golden-brown flecks in hazel eyes, green tones are brought out by green eyeliner and purple provides a bold contrast. Since hazel eyes are a combination of brown, gold and green, eyeliner choice depends on the color that one wants to bring out.

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Hazel eyes are much more than simple brown. Because they are made up of various different shades of browns, golds and greens, hazel eyes seem to change with the weather and even the clothing that one wears. Warm autumn colors work best with those that have hazel eyes. A palette of eye shadows and complementary eyeliners is all a person needs to subtly change a look.

Using a subtle green or brown eye shadow with a trace of gold eyeliner is a great daytime look. It enhances the eyes without being too overbearing. To create depth, one might want to consider a brown eyeliner with gold flecks. For a radiant look, a person should choose gold and bronze eye shadow and eyeliner. These colors brighten the eyes and present an exquisitely elegant appearance. When it is time to go out on the town, one might want to consider using purple to create a contrast. Deep purple shades give hazel eyes a mysterious, smoky appearance.

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