What Color Clothes Should a Brunette Wear?

Good color choices for brunettes include navy, pink, light yellow, red and cream. The best color choices vary based on whether the hair has a warm or cool undertone.

Navy is a traditional color, and its darkness complements the rich appearance of brunette hair. Brunette hair tends to be understated, which allows a person to wear more flamboyant colors, such as pink. The dark color of brunette hair contrasts well with light yellow, cream and white attire. Warm brunette hair sometimes has a slight burgundy tint that pairs well with red clothing. Warm brunette hair can also have a slight auburn tint. Cool brunette hair is darker, such as ash brown or an almost black shade of brunette. Determining the undertone of brunette hair is easiest in the sun.

Pastel colors should typically be avoided with warm brunette hair, as it gives the wearer a washed-out appearance. For cool brunette hair, colors that are too warm, such as orange-based red and mustard, clash with the hair's undertones. Earth colors, such as caramel, are a good neutral color choice for warm brunette hair. Dark browns and neutral colors with a gray undertone pair well with cool brunette hair.

Black and white are good choices for both types of brunette hair. Accessories, such as gold for warm brunettes and diamonds for cool brunettes, make the hair more noticeable.