How Do You Color Bleached Hair?

How Do You Color Bleached Hair?

To color bleached hair, treat hair with a prewash and conditioning treatment, apply a filler color, then apply the desired hair color. Condition weekly with a deep-conditioning treatment.

  1. Prepare your hair for coloring

    Three days prior to coloring your hair, use a prewash and deep-conditioning treatment to lock in moisture. The prewash and conditioning treatment encases each strand of hair, protecting it from damage.

  2. Apply a filler color

    Bleached hair has the pigment removed, so use a filler color before applying your desired hair color. If you apply the desired hair color without a filler color, the resulting color is dull with green tones. Choose a golden filler color, such as a medium golden brown, to dye bleached hair.

  3. Apply the desired hair color

    After applying the filler color, rinse, condition and wait 24 hours. Apply the darker hair color, cover your hair with a shower cap, and leave the hair color on for the amount of time indicated on the hair color instructions. Rinse thoroughly, and apply a deep conditioner.

  4. Use a deep-conditioning treatment weekly

    Condition your hair every day to repair and moisturize it, and to keep it looking shiny and soft. Use a deep, leave-in conditioning treatment at least once a week.