What Is a Colloidal Silver Generator?


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A colloidal silver generator is a device that diffuses microscopic particles of silver into water by running an electric current between two silver rods submerged in water. Colloidal silver is intended as a health supplement, but is not proven to have any healing or antibiotic effects as of 2015.

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A colloidal silver generator allows users to make their own colloidal silver by releasing silver ions into distilled water over a period of time. The device consists of a flask and two silver electrodes connected to a power generator. The Silver Lungs system comes with a sealable flask to prevent contaminants, as well as a magnetic stirring system that allows the solution to be stirred without unsealing the flask.

Colloidal silver is a solution of distilled water and charged silver particles. To make colloidal silver, the electrical generator runs a small electrical current which passes through and between the silver electrodes, causing them to give off silver ions. The ions are then distributed through the water. A lower current over a longer period of time produces smaller particles.

Colloidal silver is intended for oral ingestion and is marketed as an antibiotic and immune supplement. As of 2015, there is no scientific research to support the antibiotic effectiveness of colloidal silver. Furthermore, over-consumption of silver can result in silver toxicity, kidney damage, seizures and skin discoloration.

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