Which coin cell batteries are interchangeable?


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Coin cell batteries numbered according to International Electrotechnical Commission standards are usually interchangeable with American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, counterparts, such as CR2032 and the 5004LC batteries commonly used in computers. However, coin cell batteries are generally not interchangeable, although it may be possible to substitute one for another.

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The size of a device’s battery compartment usually limits the interchangeability of batteries with which it may be used. A device may accept a smaller battery as a replacement for a larger battery for which it is designed, but the battery compartment of the device designed for the smaller battery normally prevents them from being interchangeable.

Some coin cell batteries can be stacked as replacements for thicker batteries. Two CR2016 batteries are generally suitable to replace a CR2032 battery, but the CR2032 may be too thick for the battery compartment of a device designed for CR2016 batteries.

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