How Does Coconut Oil Stimulate Hair Regrowth According to the Experts?


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Contrary to popular belief, coconut oil does not stimulate the regrowth of hair, states Healthline. There have never been any studies from credible sources that prove coconut oil is capable of stimulating hair regrowth.

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How Does Coconut Oil Stimulate Hair Regrowth According to the Experts?
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Evidence that coconut oil does not contribute to hair regrowth can be found in those who use coconut oil on their bodies, notes Californian internist Dr. David Belk, who is quoted in a Healthline article. Since the skin is covered in hair follicles, it seems likely that if coconut oil did promote hair growth, those who regularly put it all over their bodies would start to develop hirsutism, a condition characterized by excessive body hair. However, this is not the case. While this type of excessive hair growth starts to affect people who take a hair growth supplement known as minoxidil, or Rogaine, it does not appear to be a factor for those who use coconut oil externally.

Although coconut oil does not appear to stimulate hair regrowth, there is some evidence castor oil contains properties to this effect, suggests Healthline. Castor oil is often recommended as a treatment for those who suffer from alopecia, a condition that causes excessive hair loss.

Despite not being able to stimulate hair regrowth, coconut oil is notable for a number of other health and beauty benefits, explains WebMD. Coconut oil has a moisturizing effect on the skin when applied externally. It is also used to treat the skin condition known as psoriasis.

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