What Does Coconut Oil Do for Your Hair?


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Coconut oil is beneficial for treating hair loss and hair damage. It is used to cool hair and the scalp, helps the hair retain moisture, and is a conditioner. Coconut oil treats dandruff and is used for toning and styling hair. It is also helpful with removing lice, preventing gray hair and baldness, and treating dry or damaged hair, split ends and scalp boils.

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Many shampoos produced and distributed in 2014 contain coconut oil. Researchers have found that organic virgin coconut oil is very beneficial to hair health. Using shampoo too often can be damaging to hair, and as a result, coconut oil is added to many in an attempt to prevent and reverse damage.

According to Lucy Bee, coconut oil is the first plant oil that man used. Natives of many tropical regions have been using coconut oil in their hair for thousands of years. Coconut oil is made from the fruits found on coconut trees and comes in a semisolid state. When exposed to heat, it melts and can be used to comb through hair, to rub externally on skin or to ingest for numerous health benefits. It is considered a healthy food and is often cooked into food and used in place of butter or olive oil.

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