What Are Some Facts About Coco Chanel's Little Black Dress?


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The very first little black dress Coco Chanel designed was made of silk, had only pin-tucks as embellishments and had a deeply slashed neckline. It was available only in black, and American Vogue referred to it as the "Ford."

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Coco Chanel believed in the perfect unity of fashion and practicality. The little black dress that she designed fit this ideal perfectly, and she designed it to fit almost every body type and also absorb the wear and tear of daily use. She envisioned it in 1915 as a sort of uniform for evening wear and crafted the dresses as masterpieces of cut and proportion. This enabled them to flatter the female figure effortlessly. The materials were elegant and feminine, such as soft silks, tulle and lace.

Coco Chanel set out to overturn the existing world of fashion during her time, which focused heavily on bright and contrasting colors on all dresses. By designing dresses that were expertly cut, simple in design and made of expensive materials, Chanel dissipated the idea that flamboyant styles were indicative of wealth. With an intuitive sense for the women and the class distinctions of her time, she spearheaded the biggest fashion change of that century by turning what was a color used only for mourning into an indispensable and sophisticated part of every woman's wardrobe.

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