How Do You Find a Coach Bag's ID Number?

The ID or serial number on a coach handbag can be found on the inside lining of the bag. The number can also be found on the bag's Certificate of Authenticity.

The serial number assigned to a Coach handbag can be used to determine its authenticity. After locating the serial number inside the handbag or on the Certificate of Authenticity, call Coach at its toll-free number. After being connected with a customer service representative, recite the serial number and the representative can tell you immediately whether or not the bag is authentic.

Not all Coach bags have serial numbers, specifically older model bags. In this case, simply mail your handbag to Coach at One Coach Way, Jacksonville, Florida 32218, as of March 2015. A Coach employee examines the bag, determine its authenticity and sends it back to you. You may also visit a Coach store or outlet to let the employees examine the bag.

The number one sign of a counterfeit Coach handbag is uneven stitching on the inside of the bag. Other red flags include the fabric, zipper and seams of the handbag. The authenticity of a Coach handbag is especially important when buying second hand, so be sure to check the serial number or Certificate of Authenticity before purchasing to avoid any issues.