What Was the Clothing of the Shasta Indians?


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Shasta Indian clothing consisted of animal hides and pelts such as elk, deer, antelope, squirrel, rabbit and beaver among others. Besides being used for clothing, hides and pelts were also used to make shoes, caps, leggings and gloves, according to ShastaCountyHistory.com.

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Shasta Indians also used pine nuts, shells, beads and bear grass among other items to make dance aprons. They also used human hair, deerskin strips, beads and porcupine quills to make belts. Given the extremely high summer temperatures, those who lived near valleys wore very little clothing, sometimes wearing nothing at all. Shasta Indians lived in permanent homesteads, particularly considering that they had rich food resources. Most of the time, however, they lived by hunting and gathering wild plant foods as well as by fishing. Some of their important food sources included salmon fish, deer and acorns, among other foods. Shasta Indians wore decorated clothing, shell necklaces and headdresses during traditional festivals and ceremonies. Sharing food with members of the village was part of their tradition, with each getting an equal share. Any surplus food was traded with the neighboring tribes. They always kept close track of their genealogy to ensure that nobody marries his or her blood relative.

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