Does Your Clothing Reveal Your Personality?

Clothes reveal a lot about the wearer's personality, such as whether she is looking for attention, wanting to control something or whether she is in financial difficulties. Clothes can also signify social or economic class and influence the wearer's attitude and mood.

Showing too much skin or cleavage can indicate that a person is looking for attention or power. People who dress in this manner know that others are sure to look at them, and that is translated as being powerful or popular. Wearing too many pieces of bold and flashy jewelry together is meant to signify wealth, but sometimes it can be indicative of secret financial difficulties and trying to appear wealthier than the person is.

Women at work who wear fully covered-up and buttoned-up styles may perceive femininity as a weakness or a liability, so they try to suppress it by dressing in a more masculine style. Women who remain in work clothes all the time or in parenting clothes, such as jeans and a sweatshirt, may be focusing on that one aspect of life to the neglect of everything else. An older woman who dresses in colors and styles more suited to a younger person may be having a difficult time letting go of her youth and accepting her age.