What Clothes Were Worn in the 1980s?

What Clothes Were Worn in the 1980s?

Clothing of the 1980s included bright colors, bold patterns, over-sized sweaters, fitness apparel, large sunglasses and short bomber-style jackets with puffy sleeves. In the 1980s, as with other decades, clothing styles changed from the first half of the decade through 1990. The decade's fashions drew influence from increasing affluence, culture and music, including punk and pop.

In the early 1980s, men and women frequently wore athletic clothing for casual and streetwear. Fitness apparel included leggings, short track jackets, warm-up suits, headbands and wide belts.

Women also dressed in plain colors, such as tan, orange and white. Popular tops included tube tops, sweaters and trench coats for women and muscle shirts, V-neck sweaters and straight-leg denim jeans for men.

During the mid-1980s, bright colors appeared, along with new style trends inspired by pop culture. Women and men still wore some athletic clothing, but women added jeans, high heels and short skirts to their selections. Men wore sports coats, designer jackets and black leather pants, drawing influence from stars like Michael Jackson.

Women also pursued professional looks at work and emphasized a glamorous image with elaborate jewelry and bold makeup. Men and women sported puffy, coiffed hairdos, completing the 1980s look of big and bold.