What Are Some of the Clothes Sold at The Children's Place in Canada?

What Are Some of the Clothes Sold at The Children's Place in Canada?

Denim jeans, leggings, cargo pants, school uniforms and graphic tees are some of the clothes sold at The Children's Place in Canada. Also available are dresses, jackets, swimwear and sleepwear, along with shoes and accessories. Children's clothing for boys, girls, toddlers and infants are offered in a variety of styles.

The Children's Place has a large selection of gender-specific school uniforms for virtually any public or private school needs. It also has a selection of school accessories, including hip styled backpacks, lunch boxes and pencil cases.

Denim jeans in a variety of styles for all genders, age groups and sizes are available. The company also offers professional stylist picks to help fashion-conscious preteens assemble the most up-to-date wardrobes and ensembles.

Hats, sunglasses, belts, graphic socks and underwear are available accessories for boys, while girls' accessories include beanies, headbands, scarves, ponytail holders and undergarments. Tennis shoes, flip-flops and boots are offered for both boys and girls, and toddler boys and girls get the same stylish selections as the older kids.

Baby and newborn clothing is available in gender-specific and unisex styles. Selection options include one-piece body suits, two-piece sleeper sets, full outfits, dresses and denim overalls. Many accessories are also available, including bibs, swaddling blankets, mittens and knot hats.