What Clothes Do Greek People Wear?

People in Greece tend to wear clothing that goes along with popular European trends, such as designer clothes by name brands like Giorgio Armani and Gucci. While many Greek individuals like to wear casual and comfortable clothing out in public, strict and conservative clothing is expected when visiting a monastery or church.

Ancient Greece is known for its unique style of clothing that included togas, tunics and sandals. Today, Greek clothing is very similar to that of many other European nations. High-quality, designer clothing is just as prevalent in Greece as it is in France or Italy, and the general population of Greece likes to wear clothing that is advertised in western popular culture.

Like many nations, fashion in Greece varies from region to region. Citizens of the Greek islands wear much more casual clothing, and often wear sandals to deal with the heat while walking on uneven roads. The only exception to the casual attire of the warm areas of Greece is the dress code that is expected at holy places, such as Greek-Orthodox churches. Visitors of churches and monasteries are expected to wear long pants and close-toed shoes to cover up their legs and feet. Similarly, women are expected to have their shoulders covered, even if it is just with a light shawl.