What Clothes Do Forman Mills Sell?

What Clothes Do Forman Mills Sell?

Clothing sold at Forman Mills includes T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, dresses and vests, as of March 2015. The stores have sections for men's, women's, boy's and girl's clothing. Inventory varies for each specific store.

Forman Mill carries different types of shoes, including athletic shoes, boots and dress shoes. Accessories, such as hats, scarves and leggings, are also available. Sports team merchandise, including jerseys and hats, may also be available.

Besides clothing, Forman Mills sells home items, such as cookware, bedroom sheet sets, bath towels and kitchen utensils. It also sells portable media players, headphones and other miscellaneous items. Kids toys are available too, including water guns and balls with cartoon character illustrations.

Forman Mills was founded by Rick Forman, who began selling clothing at flea markets in 1977. Forman's business grew, so he opened a clothing store in Philadelphia in 1981. A warehouse superstore that offered a more extensive selection of clothing opened in 1985. It continued to grow into a national chain of retail stores that offer affordable, designer clothing. There are now over 25 stores open.

Forman Mills sends out news, deal information and coupons by email. Those interested can provide an email address on the company's website and select the store or stores closest to them.