What Clothes Did Women Wear in the 80s?

Women wore extravagant and bulky clothing during the 1980s, like brightly colored and patterned clothing, costume jewelry and shoulder pads. Floral prints, stirrup pants, leg warmers, headbands and acid wash jeans were also extremely popular.

Although fashion changed throughout the decade of 1980, it is largely characterized by "big," as in big hair, baggy clothing, bulky shoulder pads and boxy clothing styles. According to Retrowaste, at the beginning of the decade, velour and velvet was in, as was sportswear and dressing like a tennis player. In fact, Nike made a name for itself during the 80s as a clothing brand. A few years later business suits for women were popular, creating a more subdued look. In fact, some women opted for more conservative clothing as a reaction to the extravagant trend, because of recession and for business purposes. At the end of the decade, women wore big wool coats and sweaters, Coco-cola brand clothing, luxury fabrics such as alpaca and cashmere and fur. Women also wore shorter skirts and high-waist pants.

Women's clothing during the 1980s was complemented by big hair styles and loud makeup. Even accessories were colorful and gaudy, like sunglasses, bangles, belts and big or mismatched earrings.