What Clothes Did People Wear in the '80s?

Fashion in the '80s tended to be very trendy and creative with slogan t-shirts, upturned collars, skin-tight stirrup pants, name-brand jeans, shoulder pads and lots of bold accessories. Many of the popular brands of the time could be found on clothing, including Gucci and Coca-Cola.

The early part of the '80s was toned down from the wild psychedelic colors of the '70s. Instead, individuals chose shades of brown and tan for clothing. Pastels were also favorites during the early '80s. Bright neons would eventually take over by the middle of the '80s, and people could find high waistlines and spandex everywhere.

During the later part of the '80s, long wool coats became a popular accessory. Aside from the coat, the rest of the fashion world took on an "anything goes" approach. Coupled with the coat, fashions consisted of bulky sweaters; skinny, short skirts; or even long, flowing skirts. Leading designers were Donna Karen, Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis and Ralph Lauren, and they added elegance to common fashions by including cashmere and silk in their lineups.

Huge earrings that peeked out of big hair were very popular during the time. Other accessories included hair scrunchies, jelly watches, thick gold rope chains and high-top sneakers, which featured popular brands like Nike and Reebok.