What Clothes Did People Wear in the 1920s?

Cloche hats, flapper dresses, and suits featuring thin lapels and cuffed trousers were prominent fashion styles of the 1920s. A cloche hat was very snug, covered the ears, and was usually worn at an angle that allowed just enough room for the woman to see.

"Flapper" is not just a description of a particular type of dress, but is also used when discussing the lifestyle of the era. Energetic dances, such as the Charleston, were all the rage, requiring women to be able to move around freely. The flapper dress featured a loose cut with a varying skirt length. Waist lines were below the hip at the early part of the decade, but moved up as the years went along.

Along with business suits, flannel came into vogue for men during this time period. Winged-tip, two-tone shoes were popular, as were black patent leather shoes for more formal occasions. Knickers and sweaters were popular choices at casual events.

Children's clothing became practical during this era, with rompers and short dresses replacing the stuffy baby clothes of the past. Older girls wore sweaters, frocks and canvas shoes or sandals. Little boys followed in their fathers' footsteps with knickers and sweaters. Canvas shoes were popular footwear for boys.