How Do You Get a Close Shave?

How Do You Get a Close Shave?

Achieve a close shave by performing a series of steps including exfoliating, preparing and lathering your skin and then shaving with a razor that lets you get close to the skin while not having to press too firmly, potentially cutting yourself. For added comfort, finish by moisturizing your skin.

  1. Exfoliate your skin

    Use a face scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells from your skin so you're not shaving off skin, but rather hair.

  2. Prepare and lather

    After exfoliating, apply a pre-shave oil to soften your hair if you have more than a day's growth of hair on your face. After applying pre-shave oil, lather your beard with your hands or a brush, which helps to lift whiskers.

  3. Shave

    Shave with a good razor that will let you use a light stroke so you don't push down too hard, which could result in a cut.

  4. Treat cuts

    If you do cut yourself, apply a naturally medicated stone to the cut that contains healing alum and potassium.

  5. Moisturize

    Apply a moisturizer after shaving while your face is still slightly damp to seal in moisture and keep your skin looking fresh.