How Do You Clean Tarnished Gold Rings?


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Clean tarnished gold rings by using a commercial gold cleaner, soaking them in a solution of seltzer water and dish soap, or using a mix of ammonia and water. If the gold ring has gemstones, clean it with plain soap and water.

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There are many commercial gold cleaning solutions for washing tarnished gold rings. Commercial gold cleaners are made with strong chemicals, so it is important to follow the instructions exactly. Incorrect use of these chemicals may create a film on the gold and result in a lackluster appearance.

For a simple home treatment for tarnished gold rings, mix warm seltzer water or club soda with a few drops of a mild liquid dish soap. Soak the rings in this solution for about 15 minutes. Then, use a toothbrush with soft bristles to loosen any debris and polish the rings. Bristles that are too rough can damage gold plating. Rinse with more warm water and dry with a soft cloth. Let the rings air dry on a towel before storing or wearing again.

Using ammonia and water is an option for cleaning extremely tarnished gold rings. Use this method sparingly for deep-cleaning purposes. Mix one part ammonia with six parts water, and soak the rings for no more than 60 seconds. Any longer could corrode the rings. After soaking, remove the rings from the liquid using a strainer and rinse. Wipe the rings with a soft cloth, and set out to air dry.

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