How Do You Clean Suede Gloves?

clean-suede-gloves Credit: Joel Bennett/Photolibrary/Getty Images

To clean suede gloves, brush them with a soft towel, apply a pencil eraser to small stains, and treat larger stains with a vinegar-dampened cloth. The required supplies for this 20-minute procedure are a pencil eraser, a clean cotton cloth, white vinegar, a wire suede brush and a grease-cutting suede cleaner.

  1. Rub the suede with a towel

    Gently rub the garment with a clean, dry bath towel. This lifts the nap, making it easier to remove stains.

  2. Rub small stains with a pencil eraser

    Gently rub small stains with a clean pencil eraser. Use a light touch. If you are cleaning suede footwear, do this with a small wire suede brush.

  3. Treat stubborn stains with white vinegar

    Dampen a dry cotton cloth with white vinegar, and squeeze out the excess. Press the cloth over stubborn stains, and then rub it gently across them. Wait for the suede to dry before evaluating the results.

  4. Apply a grease-fighting suede cleanser

    Treat persistent oily stains with a grease-fighting suede cleanser. Apply it according to the directions on the bottle. Do not attempt further cleaning until the cleanser dries.

  5. Scrape away the residue

    Use a fingernail to scrape away dried dirt and surface debris. Use very little pressure, especially on dark suede.