How Do You Clean Sterling Silver?

To clean sterling silver, scrub it with toothpaste and a soft cloth, clean highly detailed areas with a soft toothbrush, rinse the silver with running water, dry it with a towel, and polish it with a cloth. This 20-minute procedure requires toothpaste, a soft toothbrush, water, a polishing cloth and a towel.

  1. Rub the silver with toothpaste

    Place a dab of white toothpaste on a clean, soft cloth. Rub the silver with the cloth. Use gentle, circular motions.

  2. Scrub detailed areas with a toothbrush

    Wet a soft toothbrush with warm water, blot it on a towel, squeeze a pea-sized amount of toothpaste onto the bristles, and scrub the brush over the silver item's elaborate areas. Move the brush in tiny circles, and apply light pressure. Add more water or toothpaste when necessary. Rinse the toothbrush when you finish this step.

  3. Rinse the silver

    Rinse the silver with warm water, and inspect it thoroughly to ensure that no toothpaste residue remains on the metal. Dip the toothbrush in warm water, and use it to remove the toothpaste from engraved sections and other intricate areas.

  4. Polish the silver with a soft cloth

    Blot the silver with a towel, then rub it with a dry cloth until it gleams.