How Do You Clean Silver?

How Do You Clean Silver?

To clean silver, find a large pan, line the pan with foil, fill the pan with water, apply baking soda and salt, leave it overnight, rinse the silver with hot water, and wipe the silver with a dry cloth and olive oil. The olive oil also protects the silver against tarnishing.

  1. Get a large pan

    Line the pan with aluminum foil. Place the silver items on the foil, and fill the pan with 2 or 3 inches of warm water. Place the silver in the pan, and make sure the silver touches the soil. Ensure that the silver is fully submerged in the water. You can also boil the water by placing the pan on the stove and allowing the silver to sit for two or three minutes.

  2. Add salt and baking soda

    Sprinkle an even amount of baking soda and salt over the water. Cover the pan, and allow the solution to set for four or five hours, or overnight.

  3. Empty the water

    After discarding the water, remove all of the silver from the pan. Rinse the silver using hot water.

  4. Wipe the silver

    Add two or three drops of olive oil on a natural fiber cloth. Avoid harsh cloths. Rub the silver items with the cloth to dry and polish the silver.