How Do You Clean a Silk Tie?


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Although silk ties should never be washed and should only be dry cleaned in an emergency, stains can be removed by applying talcum powder or cornstarch and by letting the tie sit on a radiator overnight. Commercial stain removers and dry cleaning should be used as a last resort only.

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  1. Apply talcum powder to the stain

    Set a stained tie on a clean, white towel. Cover the stain completely with talcum powder or cornstarch, and let it sit overnight. Brush the powder off in the morning. If the stain isn't gone, try again.

  2. Let the tie sit on a radiator

    If you have a radiator heating your home, lay the tie over the radiator. Spritz it with cold water, then blot up the water, and let the tie sit on the radiator overnight to steam the stain out.

  3. Try rubbing alcohol or stain remover

    As a last resort, apply rubbing alcohol or stain remover to the stain. Blot and blow dry the tie immediately to keep rings from forming. Be aware that either substance may damage the tie permanently.

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