How Do You Clean a Nose Piercing?

How Do You Clean a Nose Piercing?

After washing your hands thoroughly, clean the area of a nose piercing twice daily using a diluted antibacterial soap solution and a cotton swab. Clean the nose jewelry by soaking it in a salt bath.

  1. Wash hands

    Prior to cleaning a nose piercing, clean your hands thoroughly using soap and water. This prevents introducing additional bacteria to the area.

  2. Apply a diluted antibacterial soap solution

    Prepare a diluted solution of antibacterial soap and water by combining equal parts of each. Twice a day, dip a cotton swab into the soap solution and apply to the piercing. Allow the area to soak for several minutes.

  3. Rotate the jewelry

    While the nose piercing is damp, rotate the jewelry to loosen buildup of any dried skin or material at the location of the piercing. Remove any accumulated debris.

  4. Clean the jewelry

    After 12 to 24 weeks, the jewelry may be removed for cleaning. Prepare a salt soak using one-quarter teaspoon of sea salt and 8 ounces of warm water. Soak the ring or stud in the solution for several minutes to loosen dried skin from the jewelry. Do not leave a nose piercing out for more than an hour or so, or the piercing may close.