How Do You Clean a Leather Purse?

clean-leather-purse Credit: Michael Bader/Getty Images

To clean a leather purse, empty it, clean the interior, remove stains, prepare a soap solution, wipe down the exterior and buff it dry. Cleaning a leather purse takes roughly 30 minutes and requires distilled water, moisturizing soap and soft cloths. Rubbing alcohol, cream of tartar and lemon juice may be necessary for stain removal.

  1. Prepare the purse

    Empty out everything from inside the purse, including the pockets. Unzip and unbutton all fasteners. Turn the purse upside down and shake out any loose debris or dirt.

  2. Clean the interior

    Use a cleaning cloth to wipe out the inside of the purse.

  3. Remove ink stains

    Test a small, inconspicuous area before attempting stain removal. To remove ink stains, wet a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol, and rub at the stain. Use a clean, dry cloth to remove excess alcohol. Dry with a cool blow dryer.

  4. Mix a moisturizing soap solution

    Pour 2 cups of distilled water into a container. Add a few drops of moisturizing liquid soap, and mix until suds form.

  5. Remove food or blood stains

    Mix one part cream of tartar to one part lemon juice to make a paste. Use a cloth to rub the paste over the stain. Let the paste sit for 10 minutes. Use a cloth dampened in the moisturizing soap solution to remove the paste, and buff the leather dry with a soft cloth.

  6. Wipe down the exterior of the purse

    Dip a soft cloth into the soap solution, wringing it out until it is just damp. Use the dampened cloth to wipe down the exterior of the purse.

  7. Dry the leather

    Use a soft towel to buff the leather dry. Treat it with a leather conditioner, if desired.