How Do You Clean a Ceramic Watch?

The easiest and safest way to clean a ceramic watch is to scrub it with a tiny brush dipped in ammonia-free jewelry cleaner. This 10-minute procedure requires an old mascara wand, ammonia-free jewelry cleaner, two soft towels, liquid hand soap and latex gloves.

  1. Prepare the brush

    Wash an old mascara wand with liquid soap and hot water. Dry it with a towel.

  2. Prepare the other supplies

    Place a thick towel on a flat surface, and lay the ceramic watch on it. Open the jar of jewelry cleaner, and put on latex gloves.

  3. Scrub the watch

    Dip the mascara wand in the jewelry cleaner, and scrub the watch. Pay extra attention to the clasp, the winding mechanism and the hinges that connect the face to the band. Re-wet the brush frequently, and scrub vigorously. If the watch has gemstones around its face, brush them also.

  4. Dry the watch

    When your watch is completely clean, wipe off excess cleaning solution with a towel. Do not rinse it off with water. Leave the watch on the towel for several minutes. When it appears dry, fold the towel over the watch, and gently blot it. Remove and discard your gloves, and return the timepiece to its storage container.