How Do You Choose Toupees for Men?

choose-toupees-men Credit: Judith Haeusler/Stone/Getty Images

Bio Takara notes there are many ways to help choose men's toupees, including searching for toupees made from natural hair. Natural human hair will blend into existing hair more realistically than synthetic hair.

Before buying a toupee, make sure that it fits well by getting measured by a professional toupee shop or wigmaker and seek their advice on any toupees being considered. This advice should include how big the toupee should be and how its head shape will fit.

A wigmaker or other professional can also assist in matching the toupee color to the natural hair color. Bringing a friend to a color-matching session can help provide an honest opinion regarding how well the colors are matched. Before finalizing any toupee purchases, ensure the store has a solid reputation and offers guarantees on its products.

Another way of choosing a men's toupee is to purchase a hand-made toupee instead of a machine-made one. Machine-made toupees are tempting for buyers because they are cheaper than hand-made ones due to being mass-produced. However, the more-expensive hand-made toupees, like toupees made of human hair, will look more natural alongside existing hair. Hand-made toupees also behave more like natural hair when exposed to rain or wind so that weather does not expose the wearer's toupee.