How Do I Choose a Rose Vine Tattoo?


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Choosing a rose vine tattoo involves considering the size, placement and coloring of the tattoo. It also means thinking about if the tattoo carries special meaning or symbolism, or if it's meant to convey a specific attitude.

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Vine tattoos are versatile. They can coil around narrow parts of the body, such as arms and legs, or they can blossom on larger parts of the body, such as the torso. When considering size and placement, it's best to keep in mind that some jobs require tattoos to be covered.

The color of the rose is significant. Red traditionally corresponds with romance, white with purity and yellow with happiness. A black rose generally symbolizes death, while a pink rose corresponds to friendship. Vines can be used to add grace to a tattoo. However, rose vines have thorns, and some people choose to emphasize these. Sometimes they're contrasting the delicate beauty of the flower with the sharpness of the thorns. However, some people view the entire design as a reflection of themselves.

Roses have deep symbolic meaning. The Romans and Ancient Greeks identified the rose with the goddess of love, Aphrodite. As such, the flower symbolized love and beauty. Christians see the rose as a representative of the Virgin Mary, while the Ancient Egyptians associated the rose with the goddess Isis, the ideal wife and mother.

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