How Do You Choose the Right Types of Boots?

How Do You Choose the Right Types of Boots?

Boots should be chosen based on the activity they're going to be worn for, as well as the other clothing worn with the boots. Types of boots include form boots, style boots, sport boots, work boots and equestrian boots.

There are several subtypes within each type of boots. For example, sport boots include hiking boots, snowboarding boots and motorcycle boots.

Boots can be low-cut, mid-cut or high-cut. Low-cut boots are lightweight, but provide less support and lack the durability of high-cut boots.

The way a foot fits in the boot is the most important aspect. For most boots, the toes should have room to move, and the feet should fit snugly without the boot feeling too tight.

If the boots are being worn for style purposes instead of a specific activity, then the type of boots can be based on the rest of the outfit. Chukka boots, a brand of boots that originated from polo boots, should not be worn with suits. Chelsea boots, a certain type of style boots, should be worn with tight clothes. Motorcycle boots should only be worn with jeans. Materials commonly used to make boots include full grain leather, split grain leather, nubuck leather, rubber, synthetics and waterproof linings.