How Do You Choose the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type?


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Female body types fall into five main categories: hourglass, apple, triangle, inverted triangle and athletic. Swimsuits can be chosen to accentuate a woman's body based on these types. For women with the hourglass type, which has a well-defined waist and shoulders and hips of similar width, vintage styles show off their curves. They should avoid mismatched tops and bottoms, which can make an hourglass body look disproportional.

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Apple body types, who have shoulders and hips of about the same width and both a full bust and rounded stomach, should look for plain tops with patterned bottoms and thick shoulder straps. They should avoid very thin straps, which make them appear bigger. Triangle body types, who have wider hips than shoulders, should choose swimsuits that draw the eye upward, such as light printed tops with solid, dark bottoms. They should avoid boy shorts and busy prints or detailing on the bottom half to prevent the eye from going downward. Inverted triangle body types, who have wider shoulders than hips, should get halter-top swimsuits with detailing on the lower half. They should avoid bandeau swimsuit tops, which don't offer enough support. Athletic body types, who are roughly the same width through the torso, should get swimsuits with frills, embellishment and gathering to create the illusion of curves. They should also avoid bandeau tops, which flatten them out.

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