How Do You Choose the Right Racing Apparel?


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The right racing apparel suits the racing conditions: time of day, weather and length of race. If the sport is running, Runnersworld.com lets users enter their gender, race conditions and distance, and it shows what apparel is recommended for those circumstances.

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Sporting goods store REI's website offers important clothing tips for race day. For example, REI recommends dressing in layers that an be removed as needed. Also, racers should put their gear through a test run prior to the event. Racers need to know whether seams are going to be irritating under race conditions.

Women needt the right supportive bra, and men need technical briefs. Runners should not wear new shoes on race day, or they risk blisters. Socks should be moisture-wicking. Runners should avoid cotton for its tendency to stay damp. Christine Luff, a running expert with About.com, recommends dressing as if it's 15 degrees warmer than it is, because that is how it feel while running.

Racers can dress appropriately on a budget, states Runnersworld.com. Technical clothing has crossed into casual wear, and race gear can be found at big chain stores. A suitable outfit can be put together for $100, states Runnersworld.com. However, racers should expect to invest time and money to find quality shoes that fit correctly.

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