How do you choose the right Elumen hair color?


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To choose the right Elumen hair color, begin by identifying your skin tone and considering further customizations for the hair itself. Some hair colors work better with personalized highlights and extensions than others, and some popular hair colors and styles include ombre and natural tones chosen with defining highlights, such as brown hair with auburn highlights.

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The skin tone acts as a complement for the hair color, and the right combination of hair and skin tone can represent an entire style. To identify your skin tone, stand in natural light, and use a hand mirror to look at the natural sin color on your face. Watch out for warm yellow and reddish tones as well as cool blue and green tones. Some people also have neutral skin with pink and olive tones.

Choose a hair color to contrast with your skin tone for a more dramatic look, and choose a hair color to match your eye color for a more blended and complementing look. A lighter type of auburn or red hair color works best with warmer tones, while cooler undertones work best with brighter reds. Dark hair works best with cool undertones and ranges in intensity depending on the undertones of the dark hair, such as brown or blue.

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