How Do I Choose a Mustache Style?

choose-mustache-style Credit: Matthew Lloyd / Stringer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

To choose a mustache style, research the different styles, and choose one based on your face type and ability to grow facial hair. You will need a razor, beard trimmer and mustache comb. Choosing a mustache style takes 15 minutes to an hour. Growing the mustache takes a week or more, depending on the person.

  1. Find out your face type and facial hair growth

    Grow out your facial hair for two to three weeks. Pay attention to hair growth in the mustache area, including thickness and color. Determine how your face is shaped and what unique features it has.

  2. Research mustache styles

    Find a guide with different mustache styles with pictures of each. Read about which styles compliment your face shape and features. Narrow down the mustache options based on what you can realistically grow. Find out the grooming that is required for each style you select and make sure it fits your lifestyle.

  3. Ask others for their opinion

    Take pictures of the mustache styles you chose to your friends and family. Ask them which style would look best on you. Ask your hair stylist what he would recommend. Use all the information you have gathered to choose a mustache style. Remember that if you don't like it, you can always choose another style.