How Do I Choose a Mineral Makeup?

Choosing the right mineral makeup requires a person to pick a mineral foundation that is free of harmful ingredients and that is the right color and tone for their skin. Alima Pure and Mineral Fusion are two makeup companies that offer several choices of mineral foundations.

The Alima Pure brand of mineral makeup has nine different foundation shades. The colors range from shades that are almost white to shades that are darker in color. This brand also has different tones, such as cool, neutral, beige, warm, golden and olive. The company's website specifically states that Alima Pure products do not contain parabens, chemicals and artificial dyes. Mineral Fusions has three types of mineral foundations, which are its pressed foundation, loose foundation and sheer tint foundation. The pressed foundation is shine-free and gives wearers a matte finish with light to full coverage. The loose foundation provides more coverage and gives the wearer's face a satin texture. The sheer tint foundation is in liquid form, and it makes skin dewy with a sheer finish. Mineral Fusion uses antioxidant ingredients, such as copper, zinc and magnesium, in its makeup, which help eliminate free radicals. This company also avoids synthetic fragrances and other added ingredients, such as gluten, talc and phthalates.