How Do You Choose Men's Sunglasses?


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Choosing sunglasses for men involves determining a man's facial shape, such as square shape, round shape and oval shape, according to MensHealth. Glasses with soft, round lines are suited for a square-shaped face.

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People with a square-shaped face have a prominent forehead, a strong jaw line and an angular chin, states MensHealth. The length and width of the face is typically equal. Minimal, oval and circular frames look great on this facial shape. Nearly rimless horizontal frames also complement a man's strong features.

A round face also has equal length and width, although with softer angles, says MensHealth. People with a round face often have full cheeks and delicate facial features. The best sunglassess suited for this facial shape are slightly angular and rectangular frames, which help add length to the face. Square-like frames are also recommended, although round-faced people should avoid glasses with overly harsh lines, which tend to emphasize roundness.

An oval face is characterized by a chin that is slightly narrower than the forehead and balanced proportions, notes MensHealth. People with an oval face also have high cheekbones. Almost any frame matches an oval face. A person should pick frames that are broader than the widest region of his face and avoid glasses that reduce the balance of proportions of the face.

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