How Do I Choose a Meaningful Tattoo Design?

choose-meaningful-tattoo-design Credit: meegan zimmerman/Moment/Getty Images

It helps to consider significant dates and events, such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries, when choosing a meaningful tattoo design, according to cosmetologist and skincare advocate Jodie Michalak of These dates can be written in various characters, such as Roman numerals.

Michalak also recommends zodiac symbols, which are constant and important marks. Birthstones also hold a personal significance. Each birth month has its own animal and flower. The Chinese horoscope and the particular animal that represents a person's birth year also makes a good tattoo design.

A person who values his family can choose portrait tattoos of a family member. These tattoos look classy when inked in black and gray combinations. A person can also frame his portraits with filigree decorations that produce a Victorian cameo style. For a lovely jewelry-inspired tattoo, he can put pictures in a locket design. A person who wants to express his favorite sentiment can pick verse and lettering tattoos that serve as a daily affirmation of his beliefs. These tattoos are best placed on visible areas, such as the inner wrist and forearm.

It is important to find a talented and experienced artist, especially when getting a portrait tattoo, notes Michalak. The artist should be an expert in this particular style of tattooing, as portrait tattoos can come out badly when done by an inexperienced tattooist.