How Do You Choose a Haircut for a Heart-Shaped Face?

Finding the perfect haircut can be a challenge. Heart-shaped faces have a strong jaw line that needs to be softened or balanced for the best look. The best short style for straight hair is a sleek crop. For wavy or curly hair, a bouncy bob works best. Medium and long styles look best when angled layers, long wispy bangs, and a deep side part are incorporated. The search for the perfect haircut varies in length depending on the preferences and personality of the wearer.

  1. Research your length

    Decide on the length you want your hair to be. Short styles are above the ears. Medium styles are between the ears and shoulders. Long styles are below the shoulder line.

  2. Look at images

    Google images that are heart-shaped haircuts in the length you want to use. If you decided on long hair, most styles recommend layers or bangs. Make sure you are comfortable with a style that fits in the length you want.

  3. Print your favorite image

    Print out the image that you like the most so that your stylist can see exactly what you are going for. Make sure that they are comfortable cutting hair to the length and style that you want.