How Do You Choose a Hair Style to Match Your Face Shape?

How Do You Choose a Hair Style to Match Your Face Shape?

In choosing a hair style to match a facial shape, the goal is to make any face shape look oval. For instance, long face shapes can be shortened through hair style choice, while wide faces can be lengthened. A good hair style minimizes negative facial attributes and promotes positive ones, according to TheHairstyler.

Round face shapes often look best with asymmetrical cuts. Wearing a side part and sweeping bangs to the side help a face look slimmer. Long layers that start at the jaw can also help a round face, as can asymmetrical or angled bobs. Sleek, pulled-back ponytails remove bulk from around the face to help it look slim as well. Pixie cuts emphasize the cheekbones on a round face.

Long faces are often helped by straight bangs, which give the illusion of width. A collarbone-length bob with sideswept bangs also adds softness to a long face.

Square faces often look best with short, tapered bobs with the hair thinned out around the chin. Shag cuts with deliberately messy hair also help break up the severe jaw line of a square face, as do wavy ends, whether with medium or long hair. Square-faced women with very long hair can get away with wearing it razor straight and center-parted.

Women with heart-shaped faces should wear short, curly bobs that add volume around the chin line. Side parts flatter the heart-shaped face, as do long waves. Pixie cuts also work well with heart-shaped faces, softening them and drawing the eye upward.