How Do You Choose Hair Extensions for Short Hair?


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Choose the right hair extension for your short hair by considering three important factors: ensure that your hair is at least four inches long, choose an extension that is not too long compared to the length of your hair, and ensure that your hair and the extensions blend.

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Before choosing any hair extension, make sure that you have at least four inches of natural hair. This natural hair helps in disguising the clips and ensures that you have a seamless and natural finish.

You should consider the length of the hair extension to use. Experts recommend that you avoid using a hair extension that is too long compared to your natural hair length. Further, it is recommended that you use a 12 to 14-inch or 16 to 18-inch extension for your short hair. Either of these extensions gives you enough length that can be handled by your short hair.

If you recently had a blunt haircut, you might find it challenging to blend the extension into your growing hair. It is recommended that you take the extensions to your hair stylist, who can help to clip and blend the extensions and ensure that everything looks naturally blended in your hair.

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